Existing to New Service


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Have this scenario where everything is being replaced,except utility manhole, downstream. All new feeders, service equip. anddistribution is being installed. We are powering the new service from theexisting manhole. Came across a note that says “ Disconnect and remove utilityservice feeder from CT cabinet to property line box once new service equipmentis installed, wired and activated.”

My question is how could you have both the extg. and newactivated at the same time? I’m thinking I would have to temp out the newservice somehow. The max amount of down downtime/shutdown is 4 hours so it’snot like once everything is in place I could swing over and tie-in my new 11sets of 4” w/ #500. That would take much longer than 4 hours. I’m a bit losthow to make this transistion from extg. to new happen with minimal downtime.Maybe I need a backup generator. Thanks.