Facility XP or GP

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I need some advice from you electrical experts. Being a safety professional I know when something is outside my realm of expertise. A question was asked of myself by an engineer who was unclear on this and I am not far behind him. He is trying to clear some workorders, but wants to do the right things and not have to come back later.

I have a conforming storage warehouse that has been designed and reworked over the years. The building is used to store various chemicals and hazardous materials. The internal portion of the facility is classified as a Cl I Div I, however, the ventilation fan motors on the roof, all 8 of them are GP. The external fixtures to the building are GP as well. The doors are designed with sensors that upon opening the fans are activated. The fans are estimated about 20' in the air.

I have always been taught that if you classify a building as a Class 1 Div 1 the entire building should be? Are there exceptions to this? I was researching the NFPA 5000, and NFPA 70, article 501. and are not sure of the correct answer for my engineer.

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I don't understand why a storage facility would be Class I, Divison 1. It is common to have parts or areas of buildings classified and other parts not classified.
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