Fire Alarm Code question

Good Morning. I'm a new poster, and a Journeyman Electrician in Maryland, working at a hospital. Our Construction Project Manager is opting to leave the Duct Detector test / reset switches above a dropped ceiling in a newly fitted section of the hospital. This is being done to curb cost over-runs. Is it a voilation in NFPA 72 to leave test / reset devices above a ceiling? I would think it kind of defeats the purpose of having them.
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NFPA 72-2007 in sections and talks about remote indication for duct detectors mounted 10 feet AFF but does not speak to the test switch location. I can't imagine he's saving much money by doing this. As Ron mentioned, there is likely something in the spec about this, especially considering this a hospital. If he can't afford to do it right, he really can't afford to do it wrong and then have to do it right anyway.