Flood "Damaged" Romex?

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In Washington State we have the following rules.

WAC 296-46B-110 Agency filings affecting this section
General — Requirements for electrical installations.
003 Examination, identification, installation, and use of equipment.

011 Deteriorating agents.

Electrical equipment and wiring that has been submerged or exposed to water must comply with the following:
(a) All breakers, fuses, controllers, receptacles, lighting switches/dimmers, electric heaters, and any sealed device/equipment (e.g., relays, contactors, etc.) must be replaced.
(b) All other electrical equipment (e.g., wiring, breaker panelboards, disconnect switches, switchgear, motor control centers, boiler controls, HVAC/R equipment, electric motors, transformers, appliances, water heaters, and similar appliances) must be replaced or reconditioned by the original manufacturer or by its approved representative.
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Dennis Alwon

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augle 47; flooded romex cable. Are you talking about it being sumbmerse
under water, not just get wet, from water line, that break. Or washing
machine that leak thru the floor, Am I correct?

Yes, the occasional sprinkling with water will not hurt the nm cable.
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