Florida Unlimited exam


I'm currently licensed in VA, NC, SC, & GA. I took the unlimited exam last month and scored a 74, needing a 75 to pass you can imagine the disappointment. I had attended a prep course, and did the 32 (25) question exam prep test prior to taking it, i will be retaking the exam at the end of this month, and had a question.

If you are asking why I'm taking the Florida exam if I'm licensed in NC, because of the reciprocal agreement? I sat for my VA test and they have a reciprocal agreement with NC. I would have had to sit and pass the NC exam to use the reciprocal agreement between NC & FL.

I remember one of the questions that was asked and i found the answer quickly, but there was an exception, and i chose the exception? Should I not chose any exceptions unless specifically asked for?

PS: By far the hardest test I've ever taken especially when you typically sub out the F/A, Telephone/Data, & Security, but I will get it!!!!

Thanks for all your help!!