Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant


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I've tried it. If it is cold don't store it in your truck. It won't work. The hose and nozzle are a little annoying too with how they coil it up in the cap.
I use the klein foam works really well, have never used any lube with simpull type wire so i couldnt say.
I have used simpull wire and it went right in so as only an educated guess i think lube on it would be wasteful unless it is a loong pull with all 360° worth of bends used.

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Little Bill

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Do you find that it adds any value if you are using SimPull (TM) wire in the first place?
I've only used SimPull in NM and I never have to use lube on NM. Although I probably should have on a couple of occasions.

I usually use lube on conduit pulls with either larger wire or several bends. I had to pull in some wire in conduit that already had conductors in it. Don't think I could have done it without lube as it was difficult even with the lube!