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Hmmm... if I didn’t like the clothing and others in the place I would figure out how to go get that training..pretty sure my first bank job could get me
I read the article and they said it's 48 hours of training. I'm not sure just how much a person would learn in such a short course.

I would guess if a person was already working in that field it could help to get you up to date.


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I put in our state suggestions box that they do the same with brain surgery, teaching, etc., share alike.
I worked for a guy that his kid ran a person over killing him. He went to prison for 4 yrs. got a 2yr. Degree out of it, said it was the best time of his life.


That must be classroom time not OJT. If it is classroom instruction that's roughly 1/12th the class hour requirement for a journeyman license...

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The new policy allowed the department to begin a partnership with other state agencies to hire four employment “navigators” to work with the Corrections Department on placing ex-inmates in jobs and tracking their progress, Stadheim said.

She is relieved to have the help. “I’ve been going out every month talking to large employers and breaking down the felon-phobia,” Stadheim said. “Now employers are calling me a lot. I don’t have the capability of doing everything. They’ll be doing that now.”
In other words, there's a lot more to this story.

Let me start by saying the state built a prision in my town , now it's literally a waiting room of ex cons and their families, and 'associates'

Those state agencies Stadhiem refers to not only subsidize ex cons to employers , they come with special 'strings' attached allowing to forgo the usual human resource ado

The end result, every major job here is lousy with ex cons, and i thought H1B workers were a problem.....