fuse box is interrupting circuit

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Hi folks.
  • 1980s 1bedroom apartment
  • old fuses (not breakers)
  • several 220V 50hz stoves/ovens
With all fuses engaged, if you turn a burner up past half way or several on at the same time (and/or the oven), something trips (CHUNK! sound) at the fuse box which interrupts the (GREEN ASTERISK) circuit (fuses don't blow) I've determined that if I disengage a certain fuse, (RED ASTERISK) stoves can draw what they need.
  • Am I correct in assuming this is not something I can easily fix? We cannot leave the other (RED ASTERISK) 10amp fuse disengaged permanently because it is part of the hot water heater circuit.
  • In the stove's manual, there are some figures in watt hours which represent consumption I think but I don't know how to calculate to determine if the draw is more than the 32amp circuit can handle. (landlord is trying to say our stove's are the problem but I'm 99% sure they are not - Previous tenant had a wonky setup with gas stove I suspect because they couldn't get electric stove to work either)

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