GEC extended / shared raceway

We installed an ATS on a 200 amp residential service. The GEC in the main panel was extended using a compression splice, then run through the 2" conduit with the feeders from the ATS and landed at the neutral bus in the ATS where it is bonded. The inspector said that we could not extend the GEC and run through the panel, rather it had to be in a separate raceway directly to the ATS. He cited 250.24. We can find nothing in that article and I mentioned 312.8, but he wouldn't accept it. Thanks in advance for the help, this is my first post.


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it has to be as short as possible, i don't have my code book with me so i can't confirm my statement with code reference right now, i would think it should come straight out of ats and down to grounding electrode system


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It sounds as if both your neutral and the extended GEC are terminated in the old panel thus tied together thru thru the old panel neutral buss. Is that correct ?
Assuming the ATS is service rated, you need to seperate the neutrals and equipment grounds in the old panel 250.24(A)(5)