Generators at Hospitals

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I've got an outdoor genset providing Life Safety, Critical and Equipment power to a hospital (or at least an addition to that hospital). Article 517.32 makes clear that I need life safety 120V power to the genset. Do I also have to have normal 120V power to the genset. I note that it states "selected" receptacles. Does that imply that I also need a normal 120V circuit so as not to put all my eggs in one basket?

E) Generator Set and Transfer Switch Locations. Task illumination battery charger for battery-powered lighting unit(s) and selected receptacles at the generator set and essential transfer switch locations. [99:]




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If I remember right, I think there is an exception for the lighting for outdoor gensets.

For an outdoor generator, I would say one receptacle on the life safety circuit would probably suffice. If you had the generator in a room with several receptacles, then you would probably only put a few on the life safety circuit, and the rest would probably go on a normal circuit.

Of course it can't hurt to put normal lights and receptacles around the generator and transfer switch. If the transfer switch were to fail, it is possible the normal lights would be on while the emergency lights were off.

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