GFCI Breaker for Inverter Split Units

I am looking at a job installing some Fujitsu split units and it says in the manual, "We suggest installing GFEB breakers or follow local electrical code.This system uses an inverter, which means that when used with a ground fault breakeryou must use breakers that can handle harmonics such as a (GFEB) Ground FaultEquipment Breaker (30 mA or greater) in order to prevent malfunctioning of groundfault device."

Has anyone out there installed GFCI breakers on this type of unit? Has anyone had an issue because of NOT installing a GFCI breaker?

My experience with AC units has been installing a conventional breaker and have not known there to be any issue doing this.


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I'm also an HVAC contractor and install inverter mini splits all the time, including replacing the central air with those systems at my own house.

I've never once installed any kind of special circuit breaker. I also never install a disconnect at the indoor machine (a common question).

I've seen threads with some weird local requirements, though.


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You seen the cost of a GFPE breaker? Usually much higher than a GFCI breaker, not necessarily that they actually contain components that really cost more, they just aren't made or stocked in same quantities which drives price up because of supply and demand rules. Might not even pay for that control board that it is supposedly protecting, and should the board go bad you still need to get a replacement, at your expense after warranty runs out.