GFCI Receptacle for garbage disposal


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In the Northeast, where houses and lumber expand and contract with the changes in the weather, an over stapled condition "could" trip the AFCI c/b if the staple creates a path between the line to neutral or line to equipment ground. Haven't seen it occur but theoretically, it could happen.
That's one or two steps past a simple tightly nailed staple.

Some think the tightly nailed staple is a culprit in itself, which it's not.

Money is a great corrupter, especially when it's being made in vast quantities coupled with immense power. It's my belief that money and profit motivation have utterly corrupted the code making process, which is why I say that manufacturers should be excluded from the process and be limited to an arms length advisory role only.
With over 25 years working for the government, I would agree with that statement and add to it by saying that "Everything is corrupt." Just look at the evening news. In the last quarter of legislative session, the two entities responsible for passing laws in this country approved a whopping total of approximately 24 proposals, (depending on your sources) none of which were pertinent to major issues. I am not taking sides here. Just do the damn job you were elected to do. Both sides are guilty and should not be paid until they stop behaving like children in a school yard. The present motto should be: "If you don't play by my rules, I'll take my ball and go home."