Hazmat storage locker static grounding


I have (2) large hazmat storage lockers (8'X20') that need static grounding replaced after the grounding was damaged. The units are two feet apart and now are grounded with one (1) ground rod. My question is since these units have no electricity and are considered temporary, can I drive a ground rod for each unit or do they have to be tied together and use one ground rod.
I want to ground them seperately so if one is moved in the future. It is on a military base and I know if they move one they will disconnect both and not hook the other back up. Than you


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With very few exceptions, Articles 500 through 516 don't deal with what may happen with installations in the future. It usually assumes a compliant installation, whether modified, repaired, or maintained will be still be left in a compliant condition.

Your design/installation concerns may be addressed with local signage reminding a future installer that any modification to the installation must comply with NFPA 77- Recommended Practice on Static Electricity.