Health concerns involving pvc


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We always used a torch at work because most of the times we are running it there's no power on the job site yet. We have the greenlee heaters for big pipe something like that we get a generator or plug in at the temporary. But it's too time consuming. With a torch u can turn it to right before the gas shuts off and have an invisible flame that works okay but everyone burns it every once in a while.
I use a propane radiant heater - can still burn the pipe but a torch directs too much heat to too small of an area and is too easy to burn the pipe. Even the Greenlee heaters can burn the pipe if you aren't paying close enough attention though.


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Nothing to worry about as your more likely to bein a car wreck from some texter.
Worked on a 9 story parking garage and one of the guys start yelling for help, he had pvc glue drip into his eye. First we put the safety glasses on that he had hanging around his neck and rushed him to the hospital next door. He was ok.

And you don't want to know all the unsafe stuff we old guys did when we were young dumb and full of...