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I may of asked before, but now being retired I have time to install a video system. I have a Honeywell Ademco VISTA 20 ethernet panel with the touch screen.
I installed a Ring Video door bell, it was simple and works well, monitoring via cloud is $3.00. Unlmited devices are $10.00 month, a floodlight cam is about $200.

What recommendations are there for a video system, IP and DVR? Is wireless worth considering for outbuildings? Would consider Honeywell as I can purchase thru ADI


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Anything wireless uses bandwidth of your WiFi network. Not to mention that if any neighbors' wireless routers are on the same channel as yours, that's that many more devices fighting for that limited bandwidth. Best to go wired unless you have no choice. I know of some people who were using WiFi modules for their smart home plugs. When they switched to Zwave (different protocol utilizing a different frequency), they saw their network speeds jump.


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I’ve had installed a few of the Ubiquiti systems with a local DVR and have been really happy with the results; all PoE cameras.

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