How much do you charge for a service call

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BOY that article "SINGS" to me.

ALL of the Info seems true except that the labor rates and such have gone up in 10 yrs.

In the long run, I belive my lifestyle (family time) is better when I'm working solo. When the kids get out of high school it may be time to reconsider.

If thought the market could bear it I would raise my prices.
I have talked with the other local contractors at the supply house house and we have concluded not to take our prices any lower.

Some customers are aghast at my resonable prices and others will never be happy if ya gave it to them for free with asmile.

A good day goes like this --drop of boys at elamentary skool, eat breakfast, do service calls etc for 6hrs, pick up boys, :smile:

my billable ratio is usually-- It takes me 8hrs to get 6hrs billable

I have also put a ad in the local paper --not many takers, but a few crank calls.

One $$ advantage that I've noticed in working for yourself is tax laws--more things are deductable. It seems that I don't make as much on paper, but, I have more time on hand and $$ in my pocket.

Verify what you are paying for with the business. Many a small contractor has gotten in lots o trouble for using too much business money for personal things.
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