How to design a system that has 3 electrical boxes over an 850 ft. distance

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I want to run wire from my electrical pedestal so I can have power for electrical equipment at 350 feet, 535 feet and 820 feet. My calculations are that I can run aluminum 4/0 AWG (212 kcmil) the entire distance and have 100 AMP breaker at the 1st panel at 350 ft., 75 AMP breaker at the 2nd panel at 353 ft. and a 50 AMP breaker at 820 ft. The county inspector says I can not do that and have to use 40 AMP breakers at each location. The voltage drop will not exceed 7% when I have the breakers placed for the given distance. Am I wrong and if not what should I tell the inspector so I can maximize my project?

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