How to prove a pool is bonded and grounded after the fact?


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Agreed. Bonding everything is good practice.

Yes, animals are expendable. People are not.

I only mention about the possibility of a barn/stall floor possibly getting energized as an inspector about 10 years told me of this exact situation first hand.
If handlers/trainers/farmers can recognize this at their own facility with their animals, then they can protect themselves and others first and foremost, and then protect the animals.

If a few curious pigs get zapped, so be it. More chops and bacon on my plate. :D
Nearly all the animal electrocutions at a watering tank I have seen (after the fact) involved improper equipment grounding issues. FWIW (and I don't seem to get into new buildings very often anymore) but equipotential bonding usually gets ignored in everything except dairy operations. But stray voltages do tend to impact milk production so they get noticed. But at same time dairy is one place where there is more contact by the animals with electric supplied equipment, most other animals is limited mostly to drinking equipment if it needs heating to prevent freezing. Swine farrowing - they may have electric heating mats, but they are not on a concrete floor on grade they are on a raised metal enclosure, which is easy to bond unlike concrete reinforcement is after concrete is poured.