Installing Tesla HPWC questions


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New york
I plan on setting up a HPWC on the side of a house near the driveway. My plan is to use a 60 amp breaker and either 6 gauge THHN wire for my line 1 & 2 along with a 10 gauge THHN for my ground OR a 4 gauge THNN wire for my line 1 & 2 with a 8 gauge THHN ground. I will be using 1” liquidtight flexible non-metallic PVC conduit to run my wires from my 200 amp service panel through my basement and out to the side of my house. The reason i plan on using liquidtight instead of EMT is because it should be much easier to maneuver.

Any thoughts on this configuration? Should i use 6 gauge or 4 gauge for my line voltage? Are my ground wire gauges appropriate for my 60 amp breaker?