Kitchen hood - ansul system - who will provide and install?


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Who will provide ansul system for commercial kitchen hood? Will it be by kitchen equipment supplier, fire protection, electrical or mechanical contractor?

I am thinking either fire protection or kitchen equipment supplier or even the owner. But this system needs to tie to mechanical and fire alarm control, sounds like electrical contractor will install it? Thank you.


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New Jersey
In New Jersey you must be a licensed Fire Equipment Contractor to install a fire suppression system. For kitchens, that means a UL300 listed wet chemical system. Points of contact with other trades may include electrical, for shutting down makeup air and electrical appliances under the hood and the plumber for the mechanical gas shut off valve location and installation. The electrical contractor may separately be required to wire up the exhaust fans to automatically turn on when the appliances are in use. We are also licensed electrical contractors, and in NJ you don't need to be a master plumber to work on gas piping, so we're a one-stop shop. The only thing we don't do is supply or install the hood itself.