LED corncob equivelant suggestion?


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Replacing high pressure sodium 250w with a led corncob bulbs. Google searching shows that the existing 250 watt S50 bulbs should have a start lumen at 29000 and mean lumen at 26100.
The supply house has 250w led corncobs (I'll check tomorrow for the exact info), google search shows the 250w corncobs replace 1200 to 1400 w HID bulbs and are rated between 30000 and 35000 lumens.
There are currently 5 high pressure sodium's lighting up a parking area. Will the new white light at 250w be too much after the lower lumen orange light? Any suggestions for replacement LED wattage (lumen) for these 250 watt fixtures that won't be overkill?

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We replaced all our 400 watt Metal Halide with LED corn cobb style lamps . Used the CL-100W11H-55K-E39 from Olympia lighting . ( www.Olympialighting.com ) They have a chart we used to cross reference what LED lamp to use . We started replacing these in January have not had any failures or issues . Very happy with these ...


Same here replacing 400W MH with keystone KT-LED-110 HID-H EX39 Works great. Just by bypass the ballast and wire direct to socket.
I think it will be fine. The orange glow from HPS lamps does no favors for anyone.
That will be the biggest difference, is the color temperature.
The lumen output between lamps I wouldn't sweat it, light energy works on inverse square law; you'de have to quadruple lumen output for it to appear twice as bright visibly.