Led Display


I have started a new career with a Electric Coop. I want to make a display to compare the usage difference in the different types of bulbs in todays industry. Where can I find ideas for this and also where can I find some kind of digital panel meter to display the usage.


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I think you need to define your parameters first.

Is this something that's on a trailer and you take it to outdoor venues?

Will it be fixed indoors at your facility?

Do you intend to carry it into classrooms and to trade shows/ convention centers?

How will you deal with blinding light?

Once you figure out what all that is, find fixtures of the technologies and wattages which you want to use. Then find some meters. My advice - don't buy the cheapest meters you can find. Once you have your meters you can make a panel. Wire everything up and do your connections however they come out best. Keep it all safe - nothing is more important than the safety of those who will be around it.
The performance of any light fixture is depend upon its source or bulb used, there are varieties of bulbs which produce lightning effect by new technology. Recently I have seen a bulb name vocca switch light, in these there is Vocca Adapter or vocca holder where you insert bulb, it works without electricity, it works on new technology that is voice recognization, these bulb will switch ON if you just say vocca switch light. I see these in a electrical shop, you must try these for your home.