LED load, driver and dimmer selection


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I have an 32m LED strip light rated at 20W per meter. So total load is 640W.
The driver proposed is leading-edge constant voltage with input rating : 240V AC at 1.26A and output rating : 24V DC at 5A with max 120W; requiring 6 drivers connected in parallel to the dimmer.
How is the rating of the LED dimmer selected?
Is it based on the total load connected to the dimmer (which would be 640W) OR
Is it based on the total input taken by the driver (which would be 1.26A x 240V x qty 6 which is 1814W)
Should any additional calculation be done for inrush current?

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That seems like a lot of losses going from 640watts to 1814watts are you sure that is the amperage rating at 240 volts?

I would be inclined to say go by the input watts to drivers for selection of dimmer.


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You might want to consider using LED drivers that have a 0-10V dimming control so that the dimmer itself is operating at a very low power.
The following is a 24VDC PWM driver with a 0-10V control and a 10-100% dimming range. A switch would be needed to turn it off completely.

I suspect that not all constant output voltage LED drivers will behave well with a dimmer on their AC input. The manufacturer would need to supply this information.