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Hello all, below is a top view of the upper kitchen cabinets in which I need to install LED puck lighting. Originally, the owner wanted a light underneath the cabinet above the sink so a whip was run up into the corner cabinet next the sink. The whip is run off a switch next to the sink off the 15 amp lighting circuit. The owner has since changed their mind and wants LED puck lighting installed. The kitchen is finished except for these lights so I wouldn't want to make many alterations.
Also in that picture is the locations for each of the 5 puck lights labeled A,B,C,D, and E. I connected the whip to a 4" box with an outlet in the back of that corner cabinet. I wanted to plug in the puck lights at that location, but it seems most of these low voltage LEDs have preset distances from the transformer that they can be mounted. From the outlet to location E, there is a distance of probably around 10'. It doesn't seem like I can get these low voltage LED pucks to work as the distance is too great (22 awg wiring). I also could not even find these extensions and am not sure what type of splicing could be done.
Question 1: Is there a maximum distance these low voltage LEDs can work until by using extensions or maximum number of extensions?
I then thought of using 120v LED puck lights with one string going to C, D, and E. The other string of lights would be A and B. Extensions for this type of wiring are readily available and I thought I could string together a bunch of 24" extensions especially from location D to E (around a microwave hood). The LED puck light I was thinking of using are here: http://www.menards.com/main/lighting-fans/indoor-lights/accent-lights/led-puck-accent-lights-5-pack/p-1739001-c-6349.htm
Question 2: Does this seem like an acceptable installation stringing together 24" extensions?
Question 3: When preparing for low voltage puck lighting, would it wise to just have multiple whips run to central location of say, each 3 pucks so you never have to worry about distances?
Question 4: How are people typically installing under cabinet puck lights especially in situations where runs can be long distance or non-consistent distances and would require many extensions? Is there some splicing being done and what type of splicing is allowed (assuming splicing is only allowed in low voltage situations) and how to go about voltage drop and not using the factory connectors?

I feel like there has got to be a great way to be able to make whatever length cord you need between pucks but have not discovered a way yet....


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