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Has anyone heard if lighting fixtures will list what size LED bulb can be installed? As the temperature of the LED is lower we should be able to put a higher lumen output LED than the previous incandescent counterpart. Or is it already meant to put as large of size that will fit or is there a cross reference guide for equivalent temperature rise? At least I think fixtures before were based on design of temp rise to the size wattage bulb you were installing.
Hoping that we will be able to return to higher lumen outputs of fixtures before energy guidelines existed and seemed to not only reduce energy consumption but in some cases reduced the amount of light given off by a fixture.
A great example of this is the wimpy 40 watt bulbs that come with some paddle fans. Very disappointing amount of light and because of the energy sense control that will not allow higher wattage bulbs to be installed.
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Not that I know of but there is a catch with LED's especially if used in cans. LED's do not like it warm as it will shorten the life hours and emit lower levels of light.


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mopowr steve:

dereckbc correctly described the problem.

The problem is the LED heat sink will get too hot in an enclosed fixture. I ran some experiments with a 10 W LED and in an insulated can fixture, and the temperature on the LED heatsink was way above what I would consider acceptable for good life. However, I do not know what is the LED manufacturer's life expectancy vs temperature.