Leviton 120Volt Occupancy Sensor with LED tape light?


A few weeks ago I swapped out some recessed troffer florescent lights on a 120 volt circuit in an office bathroom. I replaced the wall switch with a Leviton ODS10-ID Decora Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor rated for "providing automatic control of incandescent lamps, fluorescent, and low-voltage lighting with electronic or magnetic ballasts". Everything works great and customer very happy.

Now they called for additional work as some designer had the idea of building a 3" build-out just for the wall mounted mirror over vanity. They purchased LED tape light and transformer from the orange big box store and would like me to install it (around the mirror hidden behind in the cove area to create a cool looking effect around mirror). I was a bit confused if the LED tape light will work with the occupancy sensor as I never have done this before. I will contact LED manufactor after work today but was wondering if anyone here had ideas or came across this situation before.

Thank you for any input. I dont post much, but I find this website so very educational!!


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As long as the occupancy sensor is working with the existing mix of loads, I do not see any reason that the sensor would be affected by the additional LED load, nor should the sensor turning on and off have any harmful effect on the LED strip and its driver hardware.
The situation where the LED or other non-resistive load is the only load on an occupancy sensor is much more likely to cause problems.


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The WattStopper(I think they're P&S, LeGrand under different branding..) brand requires a ground and uses the ground to bleed the current needed to operate the controls (in the very low mA range) but you can control anything with it without needing a neutral.


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The only thing I would worry about is the inductive kickback of the fluorescent causing transient voltage spikes to the led drivers, I would ask the led manufacture if they include some surge suppression in their drivers?