Light in decontamination room - hospital


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Does light install in in decontamination room - hospital
need to be wet location listed and enclosed or have
any specific requirements? This room is located by the
ER entrance where they brought the patient in.


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For routine patient decontamination needs the hospital shall provide
decontamination facilities that minimally includes the following building elements:

1. An outside entrance and internal door to a corridor of the emergency department.

2. All sanitary waste (sink, floor drains) shall discharge to a dedicated holding tank.

3. A negative air environment, exhausted at least 25 feet from exterior doors, operable
windows, or domestic air intakes.

4. A hand held showerhead with temperature controls.

5. The decontamination area ceiling, wall, and floor finishes shall be smooth,
monolithic, nonporous, non-adsorptive, and scrubbable, (capable of withstanding
cleaning with and exposure to harsh chemicals.) Floor finishes shall be non-slip.

The recent emphasis in mass decontamination has overshadowed the traditional needs
that hospitals have for occasional decontamination of a more limited number of
individuals. Obviously the needs, level of care, and regulations of contamination victims
change from field conditions to those patients in hospitals.

State licensed and federally certified facilities and hospitals come under a number of
government regulations. These regulations include the need to protect patient rights
(privacy and dignity) and their general well being as well as the health and safety of staff
and the public. Voluntary accreditation guidelines may add further standards.

The decontamination area must be sealed and cleanable as noted above. The ability to
keep the room “seamless” will eliminate contamination and prevent moisture damage.
Provide wet location light fixtures and place light switches outside the room.


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Dkidd, nice is he in Michigan? If not I would suggest he try to find a similar document as you have provided for his location.