lighting circuit protected by afci breaker

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Need some help with this one. I have a lighting circuit protected by an afci breaker that keeps tripping. If I install a standard breaker everything works fine. I haven't been able to track down the problem. Does anyone have any ideas that might help. Thanks.


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Check for an accidental neutral to ground connection in the lighting circuit.

AFCI technology incorporates GFPE protection that will trip at between 30 to 50 milliamps. This is usually the culprit when a AFCI breaker keeps tripping without an apparent cause.



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I 've seen problems with romex being stipped with a razor knife causing a bleed through between conductors.It appeared that the wireman made two quick slices across the romex.When you fold it back and look you could see the cut's in the inner wire insulation.That and bare copper being twisted up tight upward toward the knicked insulation will cause a ARC fault.As stated earlier ---start from the line side and work from there.You'll find it.Make sure you have each AFCI neutrals isolated from one another and that each is working properly.
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