Lighting compliance


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I think he's saying that for the right price he'll deliver those light bulbs!

not likely. it seems the dispensaries around here are being overshadowed by the
"we deliver" folks.

forgive me, but i had an epiphany the other day, while waiting for my take out order
at the BBQ place to come up, and was looking at a copy of one of the "party hearty"
magazines they leave stacks of in various places... something called OC Weekly.

after seeing all the dispensary ads, mingled with all the "we deliver" ads, i'm almost
convinced that there are only three of us left in so calif who aren't smoking six joints a day.

add that in with the burgeoning heroin epidemic, and the long running meth madness,
and the erratic driving around so calif is starting to make more sense....

this concludes the test of the early SoCal rant system. this was only a test. if this had been
a real rant, you would have been directed to tune to a station where we could all vent our
disgust at whatever we are disgusted with.

again, this was only a test. we now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.


Lighting compliance

The energy calculations are per the socket/rating stated by the manufacturer. Whoever did the lighting compliance calculations and forms should have rated it as a 60W fixture per the label. Any lamp you install under 60W is fine per inspection. Go back to the person who did the calculations (since they were done wrong to begin with) and have them revise the forms. They probably have room in the lighting calcs for a few lamps at 60W. When you show the revised forms to the inspector, it should pass.