Line-Side Interconnection on Building Disconnect Switch



I want to interconnect a total of 150A of solar line side of a 400A building disconnect switch. The problem that I'm not sure of is what would be the best method/practice of interconnection. Not having much experience any advice is greatly appreciated. I attached a picture of the interconnection point for reference. Would it be best to see if I could replace the single set of lugs to double lugs or get a new disconnect switch with built-in 2 lugs per phase? Money isn't a factor here. Also, I would just need to keep a 400A disconnect switch frame since the solar offset the utility feed?

Thanks again



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Double lugs may be possible. Maybe insulation piercing connectors. The photo is a little bit too low resolution to get a good look. Looks like space is tight though.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to discuss your plan with the AHJ before you do it.