Luton Maestro 0-10v occupancy dimmer switch high and low voltage in same j-box


I'm getting ready to install MS-Z101 Lutron Maestro 0-10v occupancy dimmer switches along with Cree LED dimmable light fixtures. The occ dimmer switch has both low voltage and line voltage wires that will be in the same j-box. My understanding is Lutron classifies the low voltage wires as class 1.

The NEC, I believe around 725.54, says low voltage and high voltage can be in the same box as long as certain conditions are met.

Personally I've never used a switch that has both high and low voltage at the switch together. Only one or the other.

My question is, am I reading and understanding the code correctly that low and high voltage can be in the same j-box as long as the low voltage conductors are considered class 1?