MC cable inside emt counduit

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Is it your opinion that a mechanical connection is not required ?

It is mine. No more than the same cable running within a metal stud wall. The cable is listed as a complete assembly and can be installed in any of the ways permitted without any further attention.

Now, when you strip the armor or sheath where the cable enters the raceway that all changes. You no longer have that listed assembly, you have individual conductors much like the cable entering a box or a trough. You have to use a suitable connector at the point of entrance to the raceway as well as, if you are using a metallic raceway, insuring ground continuity from the box to the raceway with a connector for that raceway.



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Ronball, as evidenced here it is an area where one can easily make a mountain out of a molehill
due to what might be termed "technicalities" . I happen to be on board with hbiss that either of the two methods he discussed would be fine.
Unfortunately it is an area where your best advice will come from your AHJ as the particulars are such that it could be argued her for infinity.


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The OP does not seem to be "converting" or stripping back the armor from the MC and running the wires. The EMT is just being used as a mechanical sheath for appearance or protection purposes. Now if the MC enters the box through an attached piece of MC, you do have a problem. I guess you would have to end the sheath just short of the box and use an approved MC connector to enter the box.

What does "OP" mean? I see this term on this forum all the time, and I feel like I'm supposed to know this.
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