mc suport in suspended celings feeding luminaires

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Someone said my statement was not true by nec code and that 300.11 would help. Sorry if I misunderstood
I guess I should have made my statement a little more clear, let's look at what I said.

You posted this.

I thought if it were from a j box and flexed down to the light and under 6' no strap was needed and mc / aluminum had to be strapped 12" from termination.

So I answered

Not per the NEC, I then told you where to read the substantiation to my statement, neither MC or aluminum changes the rule, then I added 410.36 for a side reference to lay in fixtures in grid ceilings.

You went on to say

Nothing can be laying on grid as means of support
This is contradicted by the aforementioned 410.36 and 3XX.30 article sections
there for independent ceiling wires must be used connected at both ends not because its an electrical code but a bldg code. Ceiling grid manufacturer would have to sing off saying the grid is rated to hold the mc
And I pointed you to 300.11 which explains the specifics for what you had stated and actually makes it clear that when using "support wires" for securing and supporting, it is in fact required by the NEC.

I should have broken it down like this in my earlier replies.



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The more I get a deeper more complete underdtsnding of such codes the more I understand the many different methods ive seen and how inspectors have to be sharp to look at work and decide pass or fail
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