McCormick estimating software


West coast
I bought a a McCormick system years ago.

The best part is the training they offer. You fly out to Phoenix and stay in a nice hotel. McCormick class is three days long I think.

Then when your in class they take everybody out to lunch so you get to chat with other people and see how they are using the software.

It is a time commitment to learn how to use the program. But well worth it.

Also you can call them and they spend time with you on phone support till you get it figured out.

You can estimate with an Excel sheet but with McCormick has a bunch of reports you can pull once you enter the job. Then when you have to deal with the suppliers you can shop prices better.

I printed out the instructions once they are like an inch thick. They have sample jobs for you to practice. I had to work through the sample jobs like fifty times until I got proficient. It was a speed/time thing for me.

Once you are good with the software it keeps you organized so you can do other things instead of estimating.

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Hey Fellas! this software is just coming from an old (I'm 3rd generation) DOS Estimating. I've tried Accubid but really just wasted my money at the time. due to our DOS system learned, we never made the switch into digital on-screen bidding until our old DOS system failed leaving us wayyyy out of support with Accubid. We made the switch and its been the best, not really common sense style program and you def need some time to perfect it. assemblies are really great and easy once you get the basics down. What I love is the support of McCormick all and how they offer youtubes with classes.