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Mike P. Columbus Ohio
I know this is for electrical questions,BUT can I say this?

After picking on Bennie in another post it got me to thinking(what a thought).

I recently ran into an individual that served during WW2. He was collecting for a Memorial for his brethren. I can a pittance of a gift.

He is out there two or three times a week collecting for this. His name is “Crazy Charlie”. He is 80 yrs. old. He holds no ill will to anyone. Why can we not “HONOR” them?

I was lucky that I was too young for V.N.

Although I did serve, I was never required to fight.

Should we at this time “FINALLY” acknowledged those who gave us the right to live freely?

mike p.


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Re: Military

Mike, not trying to get to sentimental here, I think we owe great respect to those who fought for this country in a public supported war, or a situation where the low lives had the nerve to spit on our soldiers in protest of the government.

These low lives don't get it, if it weren't for these soldiers, and many who died or were maimed, the low lives wouldn't be allowed to protest.

My father is a DV of WW2 although he was injured stateside.

I had to register for the draft right at the pull out of V.N. and didn't get called. I was lucky.



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Re: Military

i agree with roger,

as i understand it from those of WW1,WW2, Korea, there were rules of war.

when VietNam came, someone forgot to tell everyone the rules.
many of my fiends went to VietNam (i was to young and did not have to go and the draft was eliminated when i was a junior in high school), they did not want to go, but they did. some of their war stories are strange and at times horrifying.

unless you were there, its very easy to judge the actions of those in VietNam. one of my co-workers told of how a local girl that worked at the camp where he was at was caught placing a hand grenade under his bunk mattress ! someone that was at the camp for over 2 years and was trusted. if he would have sat on the bed, the safety pin would have been pulled and it would have killed everyone in the tent.

any one who has served in the military deserves the respect of everyone. without them, we would not have the freedom we have today. because of you, i am able to post this reply to this topic without fear of being drug out of my home at 2 in the morning and being executed - or worse (seeing my wife & children raped, beaten, killed in front of you before they kill you).

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