Module level rapid shutdown or not


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Austin, TX, USA
Electrical Engineer - Photovoltaic Systems
We are going to be installing 1210 modules at a facility here in Austin, and 384 of them will be on an open steel framework in front of the building; the rest will be on the roof. The beams that form the N-S part of the structure are attached at one end to the building but otherwise it is free standing. The modules on the steel framework will have their own (2 of 7) 62kW inverters.

The question is whether the 384 modules on the open structure need to comply with module level rapid shutdown. What do youse guys think?


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Tough one. It seems like the spirit of the requirement may not apply but the letter does. I gather you haven't asked the AHJ yet?


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Depends on if the AHJ considers the structure part of the building or not. Since it is attached to teh building, even if only on one end, my guess would be that it will require RSD.