Moving Service Connection from House to Existing Detached Garage?

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All, trying provide as much detail as I can. Have done my homework on NEC for other electrical projects (permitted, inspected, approved), but this particular project is causing me some confusion that I hope you all can answer.

Current Installation:
- House has main power, overhead service line feeding house from pole in back of property. (Installed in the 50's)
- Detached garage fed from house power via buried line (conduit).

- The current overhead service line crosses literally across the middle of my yard, and is very low above the detached garage.
- There are some potential obstructions (huge tree + concrete patio) that would make burying the line all the way from the pole to the house.

Solution A: Retain Home->Garage Feed, Add a Feed from Garage->Home
- Move the Overhead Service line to the back of the garage. (Weatherhead + Meter)
- Connect from meter to a main power kill switch in garage interior
- Run the appropriate cable through conduit inside of the garage, then underground to house main (in appropriate sized conduit)
- Note: Main power kill switch would effectively kill main power to house and garage

- Does this setup violate the single feed rule? Technically the Garage is now feeding the house, and house is feeding garage.

Solution B: Switch Home->Garage feed to Garage->Home Feed.
- Move the Overhead Service line to the back of the garage. (Weatherhead + Meter)
- Connect from meter to a NEW main box in the garage

Solution C:
- Take down huge old tree, bust up concrete, bury line directly from pole to house.

I'd prefer to figure out how to make Solution A work, if at all possible. But wonder if the "bi-directional" feed is going to be a huge red flag. Or, if there's a way to make it work.



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Your description makes it unclear if this is a 'DIY' project which we are not permitted to help with, or if your are a manager providing direction for an electrician.

Option B is the only one that makes sense. Once the main power supply is in the garage there is no good reason to run a feeder to the main house and then back to the garage.

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