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Easy service changes just got difficult. Inspection prior to energization is required on both new and service upgrades. We are now going to have to schedule these upgrades weeks in advance. O bother. A good share of those upgrades are because they need to be 'now'. One reason I can see is that they are no longer allowed to open anything that is energized. I was surprised they were doing it. Along with that, we may be required to open those items that are.

That's going to add some costs.


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It’s been that way in my local jurisdiction as long as I’ve been doing this.

Our inspectors make service changes a priority though; typically we update via text how far out we are from needing them. Utilities have a lineman on the clock 24/7 so if it’s 5PM before we get an inspection, the customer still gets energized that day.

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We allow the EC to pick a day AND time, for the most part, on service upgrades in occupied buildings.
Occasionally, EC forgets to call in an inspection, then calls our office in a panic. One of us can usually get to them for an inspection.