Nec 250.52(A)(2) addition


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I have an existing building that has west wing to which their is going to be brand new addition east wing added. The engineer shows brand new electrical service for the building east and west wings.

The grounding electrode system shows building steel as electrode however existing west wing has steel but does not have building steel per 250.52(A)(2) but east wing may be having building steel per nec 2014 Article 250.52(A)(2)(1) which says at least one metal structual metal member is in direct contact with earth 10 ft or more. The engineer is not sure if it is per 250.52(A)(2)(1) and says contractor to verify. East and west wing are connected.

Additionally, building steel in east wing will be bonded by one bonding jumper to building underground water pipe, and by another bonding jumper to ground rods both from building steel.

Two Questions:

1. If building steel is qualified electrode per 250.52(A)(2)(1) then the grounding electrode system in 3rd paragraph is per code?

2. If building steel is not qualified electrode per 250.52(A)(2)(1) but their is still bonding jumpers to other electrodes thru steel then can the the grounding electrode system in paragraph 3rd per code?

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