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Dennis Alwon

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Chapel Hill, NC
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Steve Douglas will be the moderator for this Canadian Forum. I don't know much about him but he is from Canada and has extensive knowledge of the CEE.

Steve will only be a moderator for the Canadian forum and not other forums and hopefully our webmaster will get that going shortly.

Btw, his username is Steve Douglas so you can't miss him- Hopefully he will introduce himself soon.

Here is a bit of info

Senior Technical Codes Specialist
QPS Evaluation Services Inc.
Toronto, Ontario

Let's give Steve a warm welcome and make him earn his money---:). I know we don't have a tremendous number of Canadians but hopefully that will change.

Welcome Steve


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I see that Steve is listed as a Moderated Member, so I hope he posts something soon so we can approve him! (Can Moderated Members access Campfire Chat?)

Anyway, welcome Steve.