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Sorry guys, I know I previously posted almost same but I think think this better depicts.

The pick shows the existing feeders.
Motors now being replaced and new VFD's be installed(2nd pic).
Have to disconnect @ motors and now feed VFD's.

I'm think there may be a few ways to do this.

1. Remove conduit and wire all the way back to point of new VFD location. Put splice box and run new from splice box to VFD, extg. disconnect and motor.
2. Remove conduit and wire only between extg. disconnect and motors( since motors being replaced. Don't think can just disconnect and reconnect existing conduit and wire.) And install new conduit and wire between extg. disconnect and motor. Then to feed the new VFD could you cut extg. conduit and wire close to where VFD is and insert a splice box and run new conduit and wire to VFD. Don't think you would have enough slack in wire to splice.

Am I thinking about this correctly? Thinking this is the type of job that may be able to be done 2,3 different ways. But looking for the most practical. Thanks.