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Hello again. So I got a letter for NFPA membership. Have never joined before, but I am thinking of doing it. I like the 10% off, and since I am just building my library of resources might pay off. I have a question I would like to ask to my knowledgeable peers.

I am a Single member shop mostly doing service work and now some new houses. Would you just go for the basic package of $175 or the $475 package. The only thing I see for me that will help is the Free online learning. I like to have information laid in front per say, I tend to go down rabbit holes and wonder how the information I am getting is helping my current situation.

Thank you once again

tom baker

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Once you join NFPA, if you dont renew you may be on the mail list forever. My wife joined 4 years ago to buy code books for a class, she still gets mail. Anyway, i would recommend IAEI over NFPA.


Thank you for the recommendation.
IAEI looks interesting ill do more research in the Morning hate reading at 2 am.wish I could Join NECA but have not Gone Union YET!
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