NFPA Training Curriculum, Videos, Online Courses


I recently started teaching a 1200 hour electrician course at a vocational school and I'm in process of revamping the curriculum. So far I've yet to find an instructor that includes any serious NFPA 70E training in a similar course. I fully implemented 70E in a manufacturing and electrical R&D facility, so I'm very familiar subject but I really don't have time to build a curriculum from scratch. I will if necessary, but I have a feeling there's already something out there that's better than anything I can produce. Can anyone recommend a decent curriculum, video training, or online course? I've been looking into it and found some online training and a 30 minute training video, but they're pretty lame. I did some CEUs with Red Vector a while back and Ryan Jackson did their code changes video training. It was very good. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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