NJ Electrical Contractor Exam


It only took about 9 months for the approval process to sit for the exams in NJ...however I successfully passed all 3 exams! I am very appreciative of Mike Holts exam prep and YouTube videos!

Heads up - The process of getting approved for the exam can be pretty frustrating.


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I took NJ about two years ago I don't recall it being that difficult I think they approved my application in about 2-4 months.

NYC on the other hand is completely ridiculous. In order to become lol licensed in the city u need to meet the work experience basically it's 7.5 years experience backed up by social security earrings statements and work experience forms filled out by every contractor on those 7.5 years you worked for. So if one or more of the contractors are out of business good luck.

2nd you need to take and pass the a written exam. On a computer where the results are given to you upon completion , that application fee is $500

If you pass then you go on to take a practical exam where the results are sent to you via mail within 6 week's that fee is $325

Then after all that the department of buildings that's in charge of licensing goes through your paperwork and can still turn you down after all that if they for any reason think you don't have the time or any other reason u have to start all over again and pay for it all and it happens alot it happened to my cousin he went through the process twice

Jersey is the other way around you get approved first and if u pass the test your good

I just took my written for NYC and passed with an 88% we'll see how it goes

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