no HUD label on Manufactured homes.


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We have several older manufactured homes being installed for use as worker living quarters for a construction project. They have kitchens and bedrooms but were plainly converted from office trailers. There is no HUD label. If these units meet all other requirements of the NEC for circuiting, GFCI protection, and any other requirements, is this a legal install or is a HU label required? They have kitchens and bathrooms and sleeping rooms in each manufactured home.

Fred B

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Upstate, NY
My understanding and viewing of HUD standards is that they generally fall to lower level than if stick built,(legal but) there probably wouldn't be a HUD label as the structure was not constructed as a residential building. That being, if structure is changed to make it a habitable building I would be sure all alterations meet the higher code levels in your area, not necessarily HUD standards, particularly those of the NEC, as I have found HUD really sets the bar lower than "stick built" for this.
Also check with the local AHJ for this as (s)he may have input. One additional note, the lack of a HUD label may impact re-sale of structure as a "home" as bank usually require that label number for financing.