Open bottom splice box near pool


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Quick question how far does an open bottom quazite have to be from a pool. Is this allowed or do you need a pool type junction above the ground or water level. That’s only for the Wet niche light right? Feeds a separate structure. Nothing to do with the pool

Little Bill

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Only thing I see in the 2017 NEC is this

680.11 Underground Wiring Location. Underground wiring
shall be permitted where installed in rigid metal conduit, intermediate
metal conduit, rigid polyvinyl chloride conduit, reinforced
thermosetting resin conduit, or Type MC cable, suitable
for the conditions subject to that location. Underground wiring
shall not be permitted under the pool unless this wiring is
necessary to supply pool equipment permitted by this article.
Minimum cover depths shall be as given in Table 300.5 .
I don't think anything specifically address quazite boxes. But if the wiring method complies with the above, I would say it's ok.