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My company has been hired to install all the low voltage systems in a multistory building which will have open ceiling through out. my question is this. the designer wants to minimize the amount of exposed conduit so we are proposing to free run al of the plenum cables in the ceilings, here is the question once we penetrate the walls from above will code allow us to continue to free run the cable over to the 2 gang box? As always all penetrations will be protected. this is for Date County

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I'm not sure you are using the term "open ceiling" as I would. Open ceiling to me is one with open trusses, ductwork, etc. If you are using plenum cable I think you are talking about running it above ceiling tiles in an air handling space? But if it truly is an open ceiling you don't have to use plenum listed cable which would save you considerable money.

At any rate, you certainly can continue the plenum cable runs down to your jack locations in the partitions.


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Are you talking about exposed as to the deck? If so, yes that's fine, keep the cable high and tight of course.
If it saves you on a lot of cost and labor then it may be cheeper to pay the HVAC contractor to duct it how you want it done. Could be a win-win scenario if it’s not too big of a job for them to make that adjustment.

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