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I have been asked to run a circuit to an out building in order to power a small upright freezer, a large air compressor, power outlets and two light fixtures plus an outside light.

When I went to home depot I found a six breaker panel for inside.

I believe I should put the air compressor on a breaker by itself - 15 amp.

The freezer outlet, another power outlet will go on a breaker.

The outside light and 8 foot shoplight with the other two power outlets are going on a breaker.

In a bedroom, which is approximately 50 feet from the out building is the main panel connected to the meter. There is one space for a breaker, however the top lugs are not being used because instead they brought the SE feeders to a double breaker at the bottom right.

What would be wrong with moving those to the bus lugs and running the conductors to the out building from the double pole breaker which now receives the SE Feeders?

Another item I plan to do is have the owner turn on some appliances and take amp readings. What should the readings be for this service and when should it be upgraded?

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Just curious, is this main panel in a mobile/modular home?
It sounds as if the 2-pole breaker in the bottum right is your Main. If you were to take the SE wires off and put under the top lugs, You would no longer have a Main. Will the panel accept tandem breakers? Can you get a conversion kit for it?
What size service are we talking about? It sounds like there is a 150 or 200 amp main lug panel fed with 100amp or 60amp.Is there a 150 or 200 amp main at the top? Still, you can't just take the SE wires off and put on the top lugs(unless there is a Main breaker installed for the size of the service cable). You might not need to upgrade the entire service, maybe just a panel with more spaces.
Really need more info.
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