Paddle fans

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7'-0" AFF may be minimum, but I like it a bit higher. Last thing you want is someone to think that they're getting a free hair cut when they walk in the door. :grin:
Hi, is there a minumin mounting height for for paddle fans?
Whenever a customer asks me how high to mount the ceiling fan (typically on a higher ceiling when a downrod is required) I tell them the worst case scenario is when somebody stretches their arms over their heads in the act of, well, stretching.

So my preferred minimum is 8 feet, if possible. If really tall people are in the house, then they usually have prior experience dealing with things that are too low for them, like doorways and toilets and shower heads. And ceiling fans.

If it's a bedroom with the typical 8' ceiling height I'll advise them to go with the flush-mount option, if the fan has that as an option.

Some customers feel that the lower the fan goes, the better it will work. I'm no fluid dynamics engineer (yeah, air's a fluid in this case) but I don't think a foot or two of height difference will affect the cooling/air movement properties of the fan all that much.

Better to go with having the moving blades out of the reach of anybody stretching their arms over their heads, I think.
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