Portable Generator Receptacles

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I'm a little confused about the state of a used generator that I just picked up and I'm in the process of repairing. It is a 6.5 kW continuous unit that I replaced the generator head on. The panel has two 120V/20A duplex receptacles, and one 240V/30A receptacle. It is an un-bonded neutral/ground unit. In the process of connecting the electrical portion (the removal and installation of the actual head is another whole story), I found this...the 240 receptacle ground terminal is connected to the frame of the generator, but the ground terminals on the 120 receptacles are not connected to anything. This strikes me as odd, because I'm assuming this set was in use this way. So if someone can give me their thoughts on why this is like this I'm very interested to learn everything i can about it.


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